Horrors from the Highway

Anyone who’s ever climbed behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer or semi big rig knows that the prospect of driving the Queen Mary inside tight white lines on the road can make for a potentially disconcerting situation. As always, studious preparation and detailed scrutiny of the vehicle and trailer in all areas before heading out is the surest way to bring peace of mind to the wary trucker. But stuff indeed happens. Below are a few “trailer tales from the road” from drivers who courted disaster but just barely averted it. Go to school on their experiences.

  • A farmer loaded a four-horse equestrian fifth-wheel trailer starting from the front with bags of feed from floor to ceiling until the gooseneck actually snapped off! Fortunately, he never got this overloaded trailer onto the highway.
  • A small cargo trailer rated for 3,000 pounds was loaded with asphalt roofing shingles until the tongue bent and the tires flatted. The company engineer learned of the failure when the owner complained to the manufacturer that the trailer failed when it was “only half full.” (The load was later measured at 13,000 pounds!)
  • The owner of a small travel trailer loaded a number of heavy five-gallon drinking water bottles in the very back where they would be “out of the way” during a trip. After speeding up to pass a truck, he pulled back into his lane and the trailer went into an uncontrollable oscillation. His family was terrified as the car and trailer pitched from one shoulder to the other. Luckily, he was able to regain control before the rig flipped or went head-on into another vehicle. (Remember, liquids are heavy. A full five-gallon bottle or tank weighs about 40 pounds.)
  • The owner of a new cargo trailer from a major manufacturer thought his truck sagged a bit too much when he lowered the trailer tongue onto the hitch. He checked out the tongue weight and found that it was over 800 pounds?with the trailer empty! Over 30 percent of the trailer’s empty weight was on the tongue. The axles had to be moved forward to balance the trailer before it could even be loaded. Imagine if it had been loaded and driven!

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