Trucking’s brotherhood: passing it forward

Recently, I came across a story from a woman who regularly contributes articles to an online trucking periodical. She posts her road experiences from her vantage point riding shotgun alongside her trucker husband, George, an owner-operator who pulls a dry van. One of her latest posts brought out a feel-good instance involving the kind-heartedness of the trucking community that’s worth sharing.

The woman, Wendy Parker, overheard a conversation at a truck-stop that involved several veteran drivers, including her husband, and a young wet-behind-the-ears trucker just getting started. The young man mentioned how he drives with no CB radio, a condition that leaves him in constant potential peril on the highway, though he adds pieces to his semi as he can afford them. One veteran trucker spoke up:

“Son, get you a CB radio,” the old-timer said with conviction. “I wouldn’t run the six miles from here to the Pilot without my CB. It’ll save your butt one day.”

The young kid assured them all that he was working on it, when another driver stepped up. “Hey, I’ve got one in my side box. It ain’t fancy, but it’ll do until you get another one.”

Wendy then heard her husband contribute: “I’ve got a whip and bracket in my side box, let’s get him fixed up.”

The young driver was stunned by the generosity extended his way. The old fella offering him the used CB also explained the code of the road: “That’s what trucking is all about, son,” he said. “We take care of each other out here. You take this old radio and when you get another one, pass it on to someone who doesn’t have one. That’s how it works.”

Within 15 minutes, the kid was up and running. As he thanked the men and began to climb into his cab, the eldest of the old truckers imparted some final words with a challenge: “I’ve done my time out here, son. You’re my replacement and it’s important you remember to keep the chain strong by helping others when you can. I’ll be done driving soon; you just got started. Don’t break the chain.”

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